This is just a few of my favorite sites on the internet.


Best Friends Animal Rescue – I had first heard about Best Friends back around 2005. They have many great resources for pet owners and rescuers and I visit them often when I need advice.

Equine Wellness Magazine – A wonderful magazine that covers health, well being, and other horse-related issues for both horse and rider.

In Defense of Animals – An international animal protection organization who’s goal is to protect animals and the environment through education and legislation.

Last Chance Coral – An organization that rescues “milk foals,” a byproduct of the horse racing industry.

The Horse Magazine – A fantastic magazine focused on up-to-date healthcare, veterinary science, and training practices for horse and rider. This one is more scientific than Equine Wellness.


DramaFever – My favorite site to watch Korean dramas. If you like Asian television this is a must-visit site.

VRV – a small streaming service by the people that made CrunchyRoll. It brings together many of my favorite companies under one umbrella: CrunchyRoll, Funimation, Cartoon Hangover, Tested, and many more.


EWG – The Environmental Working Group is a great source for consumers wishing to live healthier lifestyles. I use the site to check my cosmetics, lotions, even toothpaste! A great resource for anyone wanting to avoid harsh chemicals, pesticides, and additives.